5 Secrets Dating a Younger Guy

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Age has always been an issue to be discussed when it comes to relationships. Dating with an older guy seems to be normal for everyone because it makes you feel like protected and comfortable. But what if it’s other way round? Will it be an issue for us who date with younger man? One or two years younger, that’s fine, what about more? It not easy being a cougar – tons of pressure of dating someone who younger than you, and you may be subjected to a few disagreements.

Somehow, it seems to that couples where the girl is older than then guy are becoming both increasingly common and acceptable by urban society. So, let’s see why it’s so great about dating a younger guy.

He’ll be Your Biggest Fan
Traditionally, guys are usually look down on women’s’ capabilities. Well it seems we as the modern ladies who are able to achieve their career now. The fact that you’re older unconsciously makes him look up to you and admiring you. No guy will ever be prouder of your achievements than a younger guy; he’ll be your biggest fan ever!

He’ll be Eager to Please You
Although he may be younger than you, you don’t want to undermine his manliness even though his inner child may be quite alive. He’ll put better effort on wooing you with awesome dates and will also have a stronger desire to please you, both outside or in the bedroom. He can make you feel younger, so embrace that side of you without completely wiping off the really woman in you too. 

He’s More Fun
It still depends on what’s your age gap between you and your guy. Generally, a guy who is at least three years younger than you will be a lot more fun compared with the one who is three years older than you. They’ll eventually pop up some crazy ideas which make you get surprised all the time.

He’ll Pay You More Respects
Just like how they’ve been taught by their parents to be respectful with elderlies and it includes the women that he dates as well. Don’t get frustrated when your guy told you that you’re likely their mom. Give him some advice and be supportive on whatever he did, who knows he may be improved someday.

He’ll bring out the Best in You

Don’t be afraid to let him see your worse side because he doesn’t mind at all. Instead he’ll be very proud to show off to his pal that he’s actually dating an older woman. Take it granted to let you guard down and be more free-spirited than you would normally allow yourself to be with an older guy.

Whoa, I have friends who are dating with young guy and I can see that they act and look younger! So, kick away the old tradition and get yourself a breakthrough if you are looking into this kind of relationship.

- xoxo- 

Ashley Yeen

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