Top 3 Bad Skin Habits That Ruins Your Skin

Thursday, June 06, 2013

We all fall into a beauty routine and use our same beauty product day after day. Sometimes, even myself  don’t even recognize that our routines may not be doing what it promised and harming our skins. In order to achieve that lasting, beautiful glow skin that we’ve dreamt about. Based on my little experience when I was working as a part-time skin care consultant, there are TOP 3 main bad habits among girls that we should get rid of.

Picking Pimples
Shoot! It’s what we girls love to do, (I love too); just because we are too narrow-hearted to leave them on your skin. Popping and squeezing it on the spot might make your pimple scars even worse and spread breakouts. Some of them even do it themselves and they don’t even know that they’re doing it in a wrong way. Seek professionals or beauty therapists for advices either you use some anti-blemishes products which contains anti-inflammatories to soothe your skin. If you really know how to pick pimples, make sure you clean it properly right after this.

Going Outside Without SPF
We know that some girls don’t apply sun cream because it’s sticky. In fact, going out without any SPF is just like you build your house without roof. UV rays will shine directly into your skin and accelerate your skin aging process. Sun is the #1 cause of aging skin. Try to get some products which combines moisture tint with SPF protection. Here’s a small tips for you. SPF15 and SPF30 will be good enough because your skin's already under protection up to 6 hours But, the more frequent you apply sun cream, better protection it is. 

Make-Up Mayhem
I admit that I did it long time ago and clearly understand how tired we are after parties or gatherings until late night---sometimes we might snooze off with make-up on. It’s a big NO-NO! Dusts, pollutions, dead skin cells and oil are all accumulated on your skins all day long and it can lead to bacterial infections, clogged pores which can cause acne. Hide your laziness and go for a fast cleanse at least. Otherwise, keep your easy-off cleansing wipes or deep cleansing oil next to your bed so you’ll never make this beauty mistakes again.

These are all your skin sins! I've already stopped these, don't do it again!! :=(

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