STUDY: Men Don't Mature Until They Hit 43

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I always heard that my female besties complain about their same age guys are not fully grown-up and come out with plenty of childish acts. No joke, there’s a new study from England that the exact age of boy mature completely as 43! It’s a total of 11 whole years after women, 32.

The study is mainly about searching the differences in maturity between genders. Surprisingly eight out of ten women believe that men “never stop being childish” – eating fast food, playing video games, watching football match. Not being able to cook simple meals and repeating jokes and stories are also hailed as the sign of immaturity.

As the result, three in ten women have ended their relationship because they’ve lost patience with the guy because they’re too immature. 25% of women interviewed responded that they are not satisfied with their men while making important decision; 46% of the women interviewed are not likely to treat their boyfriend or husband like their mother. 

But at least, four out of ten women agreed that immature boys can actually able to keep things fresh and comes out with different funny ideas to surprise their partners.

They’ve even listed out 30 signs that your other half might be not mature enough:

1. Finding their own farts and burps hilarious 
2. Eating fast food at 2am
3. Playing videogames
4. Driving too fast or 'racing' another car at the lights or on the motorway
5. Sniggering a bit at rude words
6. Driving with loud music
7. Playing practical jokes
8. Trying to beat children at games and sport
9. Staying silent during an argument
10. Not being able to cook simple meals
11. Re-telling the same silly jokes and stories when with the lads
12. Not liking to talk about themselves or have a proper conversation
13. Hating books because they have short attention span or think they’re boring
14. Doing crazy dance moves
15. Their mother still does their washing
16.Their mother still makes them breakfast or, indeed, any meal
17. Wearing trainers to night clubs
18. Owning a skateboard or BMX
19. Not eating vegetables
20. Changing jobs regularly
21. Getting too excited over stag do’s
22. Trying to do wheelies or other stunts on their bike
23. Driving a modified car or one with a loud exhaust/boy racer
24. Showing off about how girls are attracted to them
25. Wearing pyjamas, specifically cartoon pyjamas
26. Using dodgy chat-up lines
27. Showing off about protein shakes/weight-lifting/how much they 'lift'
28. Littering
29. Wearing baggy jeans
30. Having a cartoon bedspread

So, is it true that you guy is mature enough as he say he is?

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