Smart Ways to Reuse Your Expired Beauty Products

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I know I  just can't stop buying beauty products to follow the trend especially cosmetics, skincare or hair products. Sometimes when I look around my skincare zone or make-up desk, found some of them are expired. I bet I'm not alone here. If these expired products doesn't have any awful/odd smell or looks weird, we can actually reuse them for other purposes, so that we no need to cry over your expired beauty products.

This is the most common trick that we've already know: spray it in bathroom and car as the deorourant or air freshener. If you use the cotton with perfume on to wipe the lamp, etc, not only remove the dust, but also spread the fragrance through the heat.

Eye Shadow
Usually power shadow can be used up to 2 years as long as you replace your shadow brushes. If you feel that you don't want to use that particular eye color, why not you reuse your shadow colour and make your own nail polish colour?  DIY Make Your Own Nail Polish Colour. You can even create your own lip colour as well. DIY: How to Make Your Own Lip Color

Hair Shampoo
Well, it doesn't really happen on most of us. But if you do, reuse it! Maybe you already know the trick that hair shampoo can be used to wash wool dresses and cashmere clothes. We can even wash our lingeries or lacy hipsters beause hair shampoo doesn't feel strong like detergent. They're just like your brand new softener and it smells good!

Facial Toner
The refreshing toner supposed to double cleanse our face after face wash, and of course it contains certain degree for alchohol. We can use the expired toners to clean our housewares such as mirror, desks, tiles and range-hood in the kitchen. For the moisturizing toner, we can use it to clean our beloved leather goods like handbags, shoes for longer protection. However, don't use the whitening based products on it. Source

There are several ways to reuse your lipsticks. You can either mix your lipstick colour with a Vaseline or lip balm to create a tinted lip balm, or add a little bit transparent lip gloss and make a new one with colour. If you accidentally broke it but love your particular lip colour so much because it's the limited edition, just set it with hands and keep it in the freezer or refridge for a couple of hours and it'll become a new one. Source

If you know any other trick to reuse your old beauty products, tell me! =)

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