Secrets to Dating A Young Guy

Friday, June 07, 2013

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I was wondering about how would I feel if I'm dating with a guy younger than me. If you’re dating a younger man, well done because  you’re way back to a romantic game board that will increase your opportunity for love and romance. In fact, it’s not an easy being a cougar – there’s a lot of pressure of dating someone who younger than you, and you may be subject to a few disagreements. You may also be an object of envy among your gal pals, but little do they know that being the older one in a relationship isn't that admirable as well. To enjoy the best results, here are five secrets that will help you boost the romance with a younger man!

Be His Little Girl
Although he may be younger than you, you don’t want to undermine his manliness even though his inner child may be quite alive. Give him company and take part in his energetic lifestyle, whether it’s sports or playing some video games. Being with a younger man can make you feel younger, so embrace that side of you without completely wiping off the really woman in you too.

Accept His Inexperience
Not everyone’s born with the expertise of love and relationships. Everyone needs to learn in a real relationship. If your partner is not a good listener, cancels a date for a soccer game with friends, or is bad in bed, remember he lacks experience and might need help with some guidance. Give him some advice, share your tips and make it clear that he is taking you for granted. For all you know, he might improve really easily.

Deal With It
You must accept that since your partner is young, he may not be acquainted with your problems. So, if you have a horrible boss, an unstable career, a never-ending dent in your wallet and more, don’t get frustrated when he will not take you seriously sometimes. If you can’t talk to him about it, discuss your problems with a friend.

Let Him Know
Talk to your guy. Communication is they key to a healthy relationship and there’s no learning guide to it.  Because of his age, he may not really know everything about it. Tell him when something bothers you. Be clear about what is acceptable and what is not. Don’t throw your temper on him just because he can’t figure you out. Give him some time to learn too.

Learn From Him
He is young and will goof around at time, but he will also be a lot of fun and can be serious when the time comes. So, just let him be and learn something from him. Most importantly, have fun when you’re in a relationship.

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