Metamorphosis: XALF Introduces "Butterfly"-Themed Latest Collection

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Local luxury bespoke footwear purveyor XALF celebrated the launch of its Metamorphosis collection in partnership with Lotus Malaysia, where the label showcased their new wares in the motor sports confines of the car manufacturer’s flagship showroom. This follows hot on the heels of XALF’s inaugural launch at Bentley’s showroom in Pavilion KL.

XALF, the brand name comes from the two outstanding talented young men, Xavier Mah and Alfred Hor.

Xavier Mah & Alfred Hor

“The story is familiar: a wide-eyed girl and the bustling cosmopolitan life couldn’t have been further apart.” says Xavier.

“We quite intentionally decide that thematically it was most appropriate a metaphor,” explains Alfred.

The inspiration behind Metamorphosis is the beauty of the butterfly is prevalent in the lines and colours of the collection. The elements are individualistic, but clearly representative of what one of the most beautiful living things in nature.

Crowds were dazzled as models celebrities and sponsors, rocked the Metamorphosis collection not as footwear, but as elaborately designed headgear. Hear the comments from the celebrities!
Chris Tong & Thanuja Ananthan

Thanuja Ananthan – wearing Acmon
“This is my second pair of XALF shoes and I love this ballet flats so much, it’s super comfy and their high heels won’t make me pain as well. Seriously I’m not pay for this, the shoes is really awesome!”

Chris Tong Bing Yu – wearing Fluvia
“I’m afraid of wearing high heels because my legs are injured few days ago. But when I wore this, it’s like, so comfortable, I don’t feel any pain or discomfort of my legs even I’m wearing it for more than 2 hours now! I feel no worries wearing XALF shoes!”
Vanessa Chong, Dato' Ruby Khong & Datuk Yasmin Yusuff

Vanessa Chong – wearing XALF for Lotus
“I like pointy shoes and this Limited Edition of XALF for Lotus. Pointy shoes are not only illustrating our legs slimmer, but the perfect gold lining around the shoes are making it even more glamorous and elegant. Of course, the cushions are very comfortable. It’s like “my-own-shoes”

Dato’ Ruby Khong – wearing Indra
“I love the shoes, and this is my second one. I’m very appreciating that they’d actually measure my foot to fit in this so well. XALF’s peep toe shoes are not squeezing my toes tight and I feel very confident and confortable.”

Xavier Mah & Alfred Hor
“We both are really passion about shoes and fashion. We hope and we want to make things even bigger.”
“Metamorphosis is basically a sign or a path to show how hard the caterpillar transformed into a beautiful butterfly and shines with confident and successful. Same thing reflects to the ladies as well. This series is to praise our beautiful women to embrace themselves with quality lifestyle. “

XALF salutes the Metamorphosis of glamorous womanhood with a collection that is emotive of the transformation from naïve to astute observer of the finer things in life, the need for bespoke creations – even for the feet – is particularly necessary to make one the talk of evening soirees.

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