KL is ranked #6 as The Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hmmm... It's not easy to earn the name of "dangerous city", moreover to make themself on a top list. I'm "glad " to tell you that KL is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Here's the top 10 list:
1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
2. Ciudad Huarez, Mexico
3. Maceio, Brazil
4. Acapulco, Mexico
5. Sharm el Sheikh
6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
7. Johannesburg, South Africa
8. Caracas, Venezuela
9. Marrakech, Morocco
10. New Orleans, U.S.A

Should we be "happy" with that? I guess we need to be more defensive and be cautious all the time, especially girls!!

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