Just Blahs: I'm Proud To Be A Chameloen

Friday, June 21, 2013

I heard this from the movie Fast & Furious 5:

“First, we need a chameleon, someone who blends in anywhere,” spoken by Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) when he’s expecting Han (Sung Kang) to join the team.

This quote bugs me a lot, and I’m start thinking of my life that I’ve been through so far…

Yes, I’m gonna say this out loud. I’m a Chinese, a typical Chinese girl who born in a Chinese family, studied in a Chinese primary school and Chinese high school.  

When I was 17, my mom was encouraged by her friend that she should let me explore the world outside by myself. That’s the thing which hidden deep down in my heart:  I want to get out from the circle and explore the world which is full of cruelty and danger. My mom gave me freedom.

Before I start, let me explain first. Metaphorically, chameleon mostly describes as the person who is sociable and easy to blend with. As we can see Chinese is everywhere, and almost every big cities have their very-owned Chinatown in their countries. Clearly it shows how good we blend with others when it comes to socialize with people.

Many people were fully impressed by our Chinese nature qualities: humble, respectful, and hardworking. But the most important thing is that we’re able to suck up everything no matter what happens in front of them, because we truly believe that “we supposed to get used to the society, not the society fits us.” I’m not self-phrasing, that’s how my parents taught me.

When I study, I work, I play; I love to blend with different people, strangers or new co-workers even though we may start up some arguments at first. I may not look friendly at the first sight but those who know me well enough; I guess I’m not that bad right? It totally fits how a chameleon meant to act like.

Yup, I’m a student, an employee, a friend, the eldest daughter of the family. I want to be sure that I’m able to play the role well.

In fact, this kind of people doesn’t much exist in the community; some of them might even think that we are so annoying; even I have met with cheaters who stole my iPhone or been used by someone else. But I don’t give a damn, I’m still the one who I used to be. I’ve tried so hard to look around, analysing the entire situation before I take my next move. Just be more cautious when choosing friends.

Here’s the question that I want to ask: Are you the one like me too? 

This article also originally appeared on Lipstiq.com

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