Decode His Body Language

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Body language reflects everything before you even start talking. In fact, what a person says matters can be completely opposite of how he feels or what he thinks. Pay more attention to what his body says before you listen to the words coming out from his mouth. This trick works everything either you’re out for a date or chatting with your boyfriend or husband.

He Sits with Legs Wide Apart
This is one of the manliest of all body-language moves. He’s telling you that “I’m the alpha male” and might even think it turns you on. When he’s sitting with his legs wide apart in front of you, he’s giving you a sneak preview of what he thinks is his best.

He Kisses Your Forehead
If the one who kisses you is your boyfriend, beware of it because it shows two signs: either he cares for you deeply, but he might also see you as just a friend, depends on your relationship progress. It’s a parental gesture but also what we’re really afraid of. This could also mean that he has no guts to kiss on your lips.

He Talks with His Hand
People who talk with their hands are generally a good communicator; even girls might do the same thing too. If you met a guy who talks with their hands, the wider the gesture, the more exiting he does, the more he does this to you, the more he likes you!

He Runs His Fingers through His Hair
Peacock shows their glorious feather to attract potential mate, same action goes to people when he runs his fingers and styling his hair. People want to look good in front of their secret crush or couples. If he does it as you’re approaching him or he’s approaching you, obviously he’s nervous about his appearance, give him some compliments if you like him back.

He Pushes Your Hair
Well, this always happens on couples, new dates, or even to start a one night stand. When he pushes your hair out of your eyes, it’s a sign that he wants to get close and touches you. Reply him a smile if you like him; if it makes you uncomfortable, just push him away.

He Lifts His Eyebrow
Surprised, happy, recognition, or suspicious… This body-language cue is all about context. If he raises his eyebrow quickly and couple with a smile, you’re in luck because he’s attracted to you.

He Licks His Lips
According to the body-language expert Patti Wood, out saliva glands stop secreting when we get nervous so it leads to lip-licking. If you see this, clearly he means “he wants you”, more likely to satisfy his sexual desire. Be careful ladies!

He Strokes His Face
Many girls think that guys won’t really listen to you when you’re sharing some unhappy moments or secrets with him. If he stokes his face, cheer for him because he’s actually trying to listen to you, or even planned to give you advises after you spilled out everything. Don’t worry, he’s a keeper!


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