[UPDATE] Chris Hemsworth to Film in Kuala Lumpur!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Aaaahhh...! He's coming, he's COMING!!! What a great Friday!

Our mighty Thor Chris Hemsworth arrived in KL, wearing a fitted blue deep-V neck with beige bermudas. Co-star of the new film "Cyber" Wang Lee Hom will arrived in KLIA at 4.40pm today as well.

They'll stay in Malaysia for five weeks. OMG!!! Eh, I'm not spying them... @.@ (Source)

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No joke, ladies because our all-time eye candy Chris Hemsworth will be in Kuala Lumpur to film his upcoming movie.

The movie, "Cyber" will be directed by Michael Mann.  The story of the film revolves around the American and Chinese military forces working together to stop a high-level computer hacker. Filming has already begun at Jakarta, Port Klang, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Academy Awards nominee Viola Davis, Tang Wei, and Wang Leehom will also joining the film as well. The 
The Austrailian actor Chris Hemsworth is scheduled to be in KL from 2 to 6 Spetember tentatively.

So, don't miss out the chance to meet him in person, or else, his next appearance will be his second debut as the almighty Thor in "Thor: The Dark World", that should be showing in cinamas on 31 October 2013.

Oh.. I tak boleh tahan dah... he's sooo HOT!!

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