BB Cream? CC Cream? DD Cream?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If you stepped inside to cosmetics counters recently, you might be wondering of what the exact meaning of these alphabet formulations like BB creams, CC creams and yes, even sooner DD creams are on their way to the market which joined tinted moisturizers and standard foundation for skin perfection.

We have no doubt heard about BB cream that gives us amazing skin perfection and we love them too! But once the new CC cream has launched in the market, many of us might get confused and wondering what is the difference and function between them. So, we would like to help you differentiate between BB cream and CC cream. The decision is still yours if you’re looking for related products in the future.
Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF35 & Urban Decay BB Cream SPF20

BB Cream
BB Creams stands for beauty or blemish balm are the Asian’s super products for the last few years started from Korea. BB cream provides coverage with additional skin care benefits like SPF protection. If you want to compare the texture, it’s lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers. BB creams really do a great job to our skin: moisturize, prime, cover block harmful UV rays and treat. When we tried them and we feel like “this-is-the-one-I’m-looking-for”.
Clinique CC Cream SPF30 & Chanel CC Cream SPF30 PA+++
CC Cream
Wait, when people are still craving for BB Cream, and here comes the “CC Cream” which brings the legend to another level. CC stands for colour correct or colour care. CC cream has all the benefits of the ordinary BB cream but they are going to focus more on correcting complexion issues and evening out skin tone. It’s great for those of you who suffer from redness, pigmentation, dark spots or uneven skin texture.

So, be hurry to get yourself a CC cream and DD creams are on their way.

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