4 Sex Tips To Start Your Great Morning

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A guy wrote this. I saw it, I agree with him...

Indeed, we enjoy sex at night, or should have said that we used to have sex during night time. Sexy, dimmed lights, massages, seductive costumes and lingerie like a must-use tool to enhance your sexual desire between you and your partner.

How about daytime? It hard to deny that it’ll lack some erotic qualities – you haven’t brush your teeth, the sunlight is over-exposed, you haven’t had any coffee yet. In fact, both men and women’s testosterone level peak in the morning, which means sex as the sun comes up could be your very best sex of the day.

I don't really do that often in the morning  but it's kind of interesting to me! Try to avoid these 4 excuses listed below and kick your hesitation out of bed.

The Sun is Too Bright!
Relationship expert did mention that it’s vital at some point in a committed twosome. Build the kind of trustworthy and acceptance with your partner. It will make you feel body-confident in any kind of light. Some of them might feel shy because their body shape doesn’t seem flawless on day time. If he accepts who you really are, we’re pretty sure that he won’t mind of that. Keep the sheet on part of your body if you’re still not ready to go for all-out exposure.

I Don’t Feel Sexy
Yes I admit that I'm not sexy. If you both love kissing,  keep a box of mints by the bed, because we all scare about bad breath will destroy the mood. If you don’t mind, you may skip the kissing part and straight to the point. To compensate the lack of kissing, you may take the opportunity to whisper all sort of sexy stuffs into his ear. Sometimes we girls need to make the first move too.

I Can’t, It’s Too Rushed!
How about some quickie? Most of us, especially working ladies are start thinking about their day, worrying about getting up late for work. To reach full levels of arousal, we really need to be relaxed. Easy way to trick yourself: Set the alarm earlier so you can hit snooze once or twice. Do the same thing for sex too!

I Don’t Feel Like Doing It
We know it’s all about feel and mood, and don’t always wake up with the same level of testosterone peak every morning. Try asking your man to describe what’s going on down there, who knows a little sweet talk might turn him on? You may start with some cuddling and kiss on his cheek and forehead. If he smiles, which means yes!

This article also originally appeared on Lipstiq.com

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