[REVIEW] Lightweight Make-Up Primers That You Should Try

Thursday, May 23, 2013

“Not to prime is a crime” Applying primer can actually help to avoid some make-up faux pas such as noticeable pores, scars, and redness around your face. It’s a magic tool to finesse your foundation and make your skin to stay longer and flawless. If you feel that your make-up is literally melting off, especially in our warm and humid countries, it’s time for you to look at our recommended water-based primers and pick yourself one.

1) Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
- Provides hydration, water-based form.
- Suitable for long-wear make-ups.
- All skin types
- Also comes along with Oil-free, Radiance, Hydration and Mineral.
- Mineral based are recommended for sensitive skin.

2) Bobbi Brown Illumination Face Base SPF25 PA++
- Illuminating and glowing effect.
- Skip highlighter if you use it
- All skin types.
 *I'm recently using this one!

3) Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
- All Skin types, also comes along with 7 other types of skin condition.
- Smooth texture and mattifying effect.

4) Benefit That Girl Make-up Base
- Brightening + natural pinkish effect
- Water-based
- Special twisting surface
- Raspberry scent
- All skin type

5) RMK Make-up Base
- All skin type
- Wated-based texture, skin hydration
- Just like an invisible shield

6) M.A.C Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage
- All Skin Type
- Suitable for long wear purposes
- Glowing, shimmering effect.

Girls, do let the readers know more if you're using other brands, so that we can compare.

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