Job-Hopping: Killer or Savior

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I've wrote this as my personal opinion, but the decision is still yours...

It's very common that people leave their jobs because they're in pain. Miserable working life, works overtime but low pay, annual bonus are way-too-low, not happy working with the company. It has become a phenomena which makes the workers nowadays simply changing  jobs for their own will. In fact, you might realized that many of your friends around you are made their changing career paths, either resigning their recent jobs or hopping to a better workplace. Well, something we need to be discuss here: Does job-hopping your career killer or savior?

"Hop" for a Better Life
Some of my friends told me that they're leaving because of their pay grade. According to the research from Ministry of Human Resources, the basic pay grade for office freshmen are between RM1,500 to RM1,800. Small raises will be given if you're servicing your company for quite sometime or you have an advancement opportunity. Clearly that's not enough to feed themselves in urban areas and this will be their main reason to hop for a better job, at least we could have a slight raise of 10-15% of your previous pay. But if this is your only reason to go for job-hopping, you'll end up with unsatisfied in long term.

I'm Not Being "Appreciated"
Duh, it's kind of lousy reason for most of us unless you're in hit. We might not being appreciated by your supervisors or team leader even you've done a good job, cause they have so many stuff to handle with, it's normal that they might not noticed you sometimes. But there's only ONE supervisor/manager over 20-odd staffs, come on, please hide your egoism and do your job. Same things will happen to you even you hop to the other workplace. Do understand their situation before complaining them.

I Can't "Blend" Well with my Colleagues
How about working as an entertainment newscaster? Remember, you're not working in a gossip company. If this is the only thing that you want to achieve, you better don't take that as your reason to leave your company. Office politics are all around the place, sometime you might don't even realized that you're enrolled into this tribune. 

These are not my excuses for me to leave the company, I've been experienced several companies who doesn't pay or for my job. Be smart when you're in the battlefield. Think twice before you make the move, and once you've done, don't regret.

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