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Monday, May 13, 2013

Okay, let's get this started. 
First of all, thank you so much for visiting my blog.
I start blogging since 2008, but I slacked and I treated it as a platform for me to release my little secrets. Well clearly it's not the way that blogging supposed to be, right?
I revived it since I get involved in media firm on 13th May 2013 and I've bought myself a domain page on 7th June 2013.
Then, I found myself able to write (but still, with some grammatical errors), so that's why you'll see me here.
Take a look on my brief bio.

Ashley Yeen
- A Penangites who lives in KL for 3 years
- Blogger, Columnist, Writer
- Freelance Make-Up Artist / Beautician / Manicurist
- Freelance Emcee / Voice-over Talent
- Freelance Graphic Designer
- Freelance Event Coordinator
- Bartender / Coffee Maker
and..... I've been working with different kinds of job for the past 6 years...

I feel like I'm kind of a multitasking person, "macam apa pun boleh buat". 
I smiled when my friends ask me this "What else you can do?" 
Well, I'm a very cheerful, socialble and outgoing person who loves outdoor activities.
That's me =)
BUT, I'm not an English-educated student. Please forgive me if there's any grammatical mistakes although I know it's unforgivable. I'm still learning...

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What's in my blog?
I write a huge variety of topics: beauty, lifestyle, food, entertainments, events and some random stuff which able to grab my attention.
I also open for every advertorials and reviews. Click HERE to view the full list.

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